Tech Spotlight: CS20 Field Controller + Viva GS14 Antenna

Tech Spotlight: CS20 Field Controller + Viva GS14 Antenna

When it comes to providing surveying grade locations on our surface marks, we utilize Leica Geosystems’ CS20 Field Controller and Viva GS14 antenna. The Field Controller offers a robust design and high performance, providing quality combined with comfort and convenience with complete mobility. This allows our team to complete large projects with ease. The touch screen allows us to slide through the project folders while the 3D view transforms our survey experience and allows us to QC our work on the go.

We love the Leica tech because of how easy and straightforward it is to use. It’s an added bonus that Leica’s customer service is outstanding and quick to fix any issues that our field crews encounter.

Visit the Leica website for more information on the Field Controller and the Viva GS14 antenna.

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