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Utility Professionals Inc Joins IMEG

  Utility Professionals Inc. (UPI) is proud to be joining national firm IMEG Corp.. UPI will be operating as IMEG’s East Coast SUE division but be able to provide services throughout the US, supporting IMEG’s existing SUE teams. IMEG is the 77th largest US-based design firm according to Engineering News-Record, with over $275 million annual […]

Tech Spotlight: CS20 Field Controller + Viva GS14 Antenna

Tech Spotlight: CS20 Field Controller + Viva GS14 Antenna When it comes to providing surveying grade locations on our surface marks, we utilize Leica Geosystems’ CS20 Field Controller and Viva GS14 antenna. The Field Controller offers a robust design and high performance, providing quality combined with comfort and convenience with complete mobility. This allows our […]

Subsurface Utility Engineering: [The Definitive Guide]

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) This guide will tell you what you need to know about Subsurface Utility Engineering, also known as SUE.  Specifically, we will cover: • What SUE is, and how it differs from the more well known 811 miss utility markings. • Who should think about hiring a SUE firm. • The benefits […]

Tech Spotlight: vLoc3-Pro Utility Locator

Tech Spotlight: vLoc3-Pro Utility Locator When out in the SUE field, we want to use the most innovative tech possible. The vLoc3-Pro Utility Locator from Vivax Metrotech gives us just that. It features some of the best tools when it comes to locating subsurface utilities such as distortion detection by the Locator’s two sets of […]

Using a Vacuum Excavation Truck Safely

Using a Vacuum Excavation Truck Safely In honor of the National Construction Safety Week campaign, we want to share some tips on how to safely use a vacuum excavation truck. Educate and train the staff on the proper way to operate the truck and equipment. Job Site Safety Wear the proper PPE including long pants, […]