Utility Designation

UPI determines the presence of subsurface utilities + structures on your site and marks the horizontal location within 2’ on the surface for mapping purposes following the ASCE Quality Level B standards.


Our job does not end after mapping the field. Once we locate and map the onsite utilities, we take the information back to the office and create a deliverable in the file format of your choice. Your project manager can then overlay this map on their own site plan. This provides yet another level of accuracy to keep your projects on schedule and conflict-free.

When to use this service: Prior to the start of construction to provide a comprehensive map of all the underground utilities, as well as during construction.

Test Pitting

UPI utilizes highly effective, minimally invasive vacuum excavation equipment to safely expose subsurface utilities. We measure + map these utilities and provide our client with a precise report, which includes horizontal + vertical locations of utilities, diameter of the utilities + the composition of the utilities. Test pitting is considered Quality Level A and is the most accurate SUE service in accordance with ASCE CI-38-02.

When to use this service: The use of test pitting is project specific. This service is commonly used to obtain precise mapping of utilities, typically for projects in congested areas. Engineering of a new building, additions to existing buildings + installations of gravity piping are also examples of circumstances in which test pitting should be performed.

Utility Mapping

UPI investigates the site for visible above-ground utility features, such as manholes, vaults, pedestals + utility poles following the ASCE Quality Level C standards.

When to use this service: During feasibility of the preliminary phase of a project when you need to know what above-ground features could be a potential conflict for a building expansion, especially in areas that are not developed.

Utility Research + Coordination

UPI identifies the utility companies + service providers who may have facilities within the project limits, initiates contact with the utility company to research the extent of facilities and provides research + document retrieval following the ASCE Quality Level D standards.

When to use this service: UPI provides value to every project. This service is preliminary work when you want a general idea of what companies’ utilities are in the ground. UPI already has established relationships with local utility companies and can obtain plans rapidly.