Under the Surface: Utility Designating on Military Facilities

Under the Surface: Utility Designating on Military Facilities

How did UPI become the go-to SUE provider for military facilities throughout the DC/Maryland/Virginia region?

Your condensed timeline is met when UPI is on the job

Timelines are often condensed to meet the needs of the agency. Military facility projects tend to have more stakeholders involved than your average private project, which means a lot more moving parts. When contracted during design, our team is often going to be the first of those parts. We understand the need for urgency in order for you to begin the design and meet your strict deadlines. Upon receiving a Notice to Proceed, the project is added to the schedule without delay, so our crews can swiftly yet efficiently complete the work. Our detailed deliverables are sent to you as soon as the field work is completed. We offer all SUE Quality Levels (A, B, C and D) following the industry standards outlined in the CI/ASCE 38-02.

A strong understanding of badging and security protocols makes for a speedy process

Badging and security can sometimes be the most difficult aspect of a military facility project and occasionally adds delays to meeting a tight client schedule. Site constraints often require our technicians to have visitor or a specialized badge. UPI has performed work on over 40 military projects totaling close to one million acres throughout the DC region and Spain; we are accustomed to completing the necessary documents correctly and quickly. When unforeseen circumstances prevent the agency from approving badging on time, UPI continues to keep the project on our schedule tentatively and routinely checks in with you to ensure our crews are onsite within two days of receiving approval for badging. Additionally, previous federal projects allow UPI to amend their old badges to get onsite quickly.

We have experience handling unique opportunities with federal property

Military facilities are unique in that many have their own review and construction process and do not follow jurisdictional standards as rigidly as private developments. With this, how utilities are constructed and buried in the ground differ from the same utilities outside of the walls of the facility. With UPI’s robust experience on military facility projects, our technicians have become incredibly skilled in anticipating the path of most underground utilities and working closely with the facilities department to recover as many plans as possible. Our technicians also anticipate encountering aged utilities that tend to take different geophysical methods, processes and sometimes equipment to recover. UPI has the ability, knowledge and equipment to take on any of the numerous unique opportunities faced while tracing and mapping utilities on a military facility.

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